Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Hailey!

I can't believe my baby is 4 years old now! Wow, does time fly by....
We celebrated her birthday by inviting Hailey's friends, and their families, over for some snack and cake and ice cream. The cake was made with love by a good friend. Thanks Kathryn! Hailey loved having everyone over and also loved being the center of attention believe it or not.

Hailey and 2 of her best buds, Alex and Abigail

Here is Hailey's Top 10 for 2010.....
1. Music any kind, any where, but especially in the van on the radio so she can sing along.
2. Singing to Lady Gaga--Pokerface and Bad Romance
3. Dancing--she can really get down, when she thinks no one is watching
4. Preschool--Her favorite days of the week
5. Playing with friends, especially Alex and Abigail
6. Writing her name
7. Feeding the cats every morning
8. Storytime every night with mom or dad
9. Favorite foods-- PB&J sandwiches cut into shapes, mac & cheese, popcorn, popsicles, daddy's chocolate waffles, oatmeal and mandarin oranges
10. Wearing dresses whether it's "dress up" dresses, play dresses or church dresses as long as it's a dress, and she can twirl in it, she's happy!

I couldn't resist putting this one in! This is me and my "best buds"!
Me, Kathryn, Jolene and Toni


siovhan said...

i love that little girl SO much. so so so much. i think all of my coworkers know about hailey.

and i want your friend jolene's clothes! seriously.

Anonymous said...

What a fun birthday!!!! She is getting so big!!!

Amy Trauntvein said...

Siovhan, you should see Jolene every day! I would love to raid her closet too, but of course nothing would fit! :)