Sunday, March 1, 2009


Emily and Alex competed in their first ever dance competition yesterday and they did awesome! Let me give a little background for you all....
The girls were scheduled to be one of the first to dance which meant there was not much time to practice once we were supposed to get there when to doors opened. Keeping true to form, I got her there 15 minutes late which meant they had about 15 minutes to practice. When we got there, the practice CD wouldn't work, the girls' dance coach, Nikki, wasn't there because she was really sick, and then the company announced that they were going to start 20 minutes early. Now remember, these 2 little girls had never been to a competition before. Now they were to go on stage, without practicing and no coach to allay their fears.
They went on stage, with smiles on their faces and danced beautifully (in my humble opinion)! When receiving their trophy and "gold" ribbons, the company chair asked them to come to the front, congratulated them and let everyone know that they did this without their dance coach's support. Way to go Emily and Alex!!!
We hope Nikki is feeling better, and we get to do this all over again in 2 weeks!

Aarrgghh!!! Pirates!!!

You probably can't tell from the picture above, but Tyler was in the 5th grade play "Pirates!" He wasn't actually on stage, but was the "sound man" up in the AV box. He wanted to be on the technical side of things and applied for a stage crew position in which only 6 were chosen.
He did a great job with the sound! We heard everything that was said on stage, well except for one kid, he forgot to turn his microphone on. Job well done, Tyler!