Thursday, June 25, 2009

What a "SPAcial" Birthday!

Happy Birthday Emily! She is now into the double digits! That's right, 10 years old. Can you believe it? Emily decided she wanted to have a spa night for her party and it was so much fun! The girls had manicures, pedicures and facials done. Below is the girls relaxing with their mud masks and cucumbers. Too cute!

Here is Emily's Top 10 for 2009. In no particular order......
1. Listening to music- Right now her favorite is Taylor Swift
2. Dancing- her favorite style of dance is Lyrical
3. Playing with friends, anytime anywhere
4. Clothes
5. Flip flops
6. Swimming
7. Reading
8. Drawing- she bought a new easel at a yard sale
9. Shopping
Happy 10th Birthday Emily! We love you!

Michael's Mission 2009

Yes, Michael is only 16 and yes, he went on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - for the period of one week! Along with everyone else, he and another youth were paried up with 2 full time missionaries and lived and taught as missioaries for 7 days. Michael was a little nervous knowing he would be teaching and tracting, but when we picked him up a week later, he was wanting to stay longer! He loved it so much! They worked hard everyday, ate crappy food (his words) walked a ton, and didn't get much sleep, but the rewards he felt within his spirit, the things he learned and the experiences he had were worth it all! Now he can't wait to go on his own mission. He will get to do this a few more times before he actually goes. I am so grateful to our stake leaders for their inspiration in this program. The impact is immeasurable! I've included a few pictures below.
Even though it was only a week between the 2 pictures I saw a difference in him. I dont' know how to explain it other than he was glowing.....

Everyone who participated in the "mini mission" experience. This is our future and I am so excited for it!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Week with the Ohio Trauntveins!

This month Leonard and Myrna were able to come and play with us for a week and boy did we have a ball! Here are just a few thing we did in 6 days.....

This is at a place called "Old Man's Cave" the most beautiful area in Ohio. And a fun place to hike/walk around!

They were able to go to Emily's dance recital and see one of her Lyrical routines.

I just had to add this cute picture in. That day we had not only been to Emily's dance recital, but then we went to see some ancient earth mounds and then went to a place called Dawes Arboretum. Inside there, there is an old pioneer cemetery which is wehere this picture was taken. By then Hailey was just a little tired and ornery. Can you tell?

Columbus Zoo. The petting zoo was Hailey's favorite part. She loved brushing the animals! I thought this also was a fun picture. Grandpa "rode" the warthog with Hailey.

Thanks Leonard and Myrna for coming and spending a week with us. I hope we didn't wear you out too much. We, on the other hand had a lot of fun! Come again soon!

Michael's Ordination

Michael was ordained a Priest on June11th by his dad. It was wonderful not only because he became a priest and can now bless the sacrament (among other things), but his Grandma and Grandpa Trauntvein were able to be here for it also. They came and spent a week with us and we wore them out. Will post more about that next. Congrats Mike!

Happy 16th Birthday Michael!

Yes! Can you believe Michael is 16 years old? And what's more, can you believe I am old enough to have a 16 year old!?! Here's a picture of Mike on his 16th birthday blowing out the candles on his sad little cake. It's his favorite cake, but alas, I messed it up and forgot the vinegar and baking soda which makes it rise. It felt and tasted like a brick!
Michael also celebrated with his friends by giong out to a movie and pizza and all night party. I didn't get any pictures because we were to make ourselves scarce for the festivities.
Here is Michaels "Top 10" for 2009- in no particular order....
1. Xbox 360 (he is actually saving up for this, almost there!)
2. Wii
3. Nintendo DS
4. Computer games (are you seeing a pattern here?)
5. Playing the piano
6. Drawing and sketching
7. Sword fighting (he calls it exercise)
8. Visiting family in Utah
9. Travelling- he's been to 39 of the 50 states
10. Eating
Happy birthday Michael! We love you and hope you had a great day!