Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Summer Fun!

Yes, I am playing catch up! I haven't been on my own blog for months now, and before it's gets much later I thought I'd better do some work on it before I forget what has even gone on this past 7 months. So...... here's some things we did this summer while in Utah. Every year we drive the 1700+ miles across the country, from Ohio to Utah to spend time with family and have fun. Enjoy......

The day after we arrived in the valley, we toured the new Mount Oquirrh Temple with some family. Here are our kids with Natalie and Jeff's little girls. While touring the temple we saw Elder L. Tom Perry. What a neat thing for the kids to witness an apostle of the Lord inside the temple with his family. The temple was so beautiful inside! I'm glad we had the opportunity to let the children see it.

Happy Independence Day!!!

Provo Freedom Festival Parade on July 4th. Everyone had a great time. Eeven though it rained just a bit when we got there, the day turned out really nice. Afterwards, we went to the Howards home for a picnic lunch.

Ah, swimming in the summer! Nothing beats a good dip in the pool on a hot summer day, and eating iceream afterwards. This year Michael wasn't much into swimming, I think he got wet for all of 20 minutes, but we still had fun!

Spanish Fork High School Class of '89 20 Year Reunion!
How and when did I get so old? Here's a picture of me and my two best friends from high school. Amy and Melissa. It was great seeing everyone and catching up!

That's me in the Fiesta Days parade with the class of '89

Fiesta Days parade!

Hailey looks a little mad, and she was! After the parade, we went to my aunt and uncle's new house for a picnic and some swimming. We forced Hailey into this Barbie life jacket just because there were a lot of kids in the pool and I wanted her to be safe. She HATED it at first, for about 30 minutes, then realized that she could go anywhere she wanted including jumping off the side of the pool by herself and not depend on clinging to her dad to be in the water. She had so much fun, she now won't go swimming without one!

Last day of Summer Fun in Utah. Here's mine and Natalie's kids. Yes, she's got 3 year old triplets! What fun they were! My kids had so much fun getting to know them this summer! We can't wait to go back!