Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Tyler!

Tyler turned twelve years old this year. I can't believe it! He is getting way too big for me. He is almost my height! I know I'm only 5'3", but still.....
Tyler had a great time for his birthday party. He and his 2 best buddies went swimming at Westerville Pool (Tyler's favorite), ate pizza, watched movies and slept over.
This was also a big birthday for Tyler as he receved the Aaronic Priesthood and is now a Deacon. He loves passing the sacrament on Sunday and takes his responsibilities seriously. What a great kid! Oh, yeah.. He also is in the Advanced program at school and is pulling straight A's. Pretty hard accomplishment, especially his math class as his teacher tells me he hardly ever gives out A's. Way to go Tyler! Now for his Top 10 of 2010 (in no particular order)...
1. Video and comuter games
2. Reading--I catch him up late reading too many nights to count!
3. Scouts and youth night on Tuesday evenings
4. Eating--anything but corn!
5. Swimming--especially at Westerville Pool
6. Golfing--Doesn't get to go as much as he'd like, but still loves it!
7. Camping--with scouts or family, it doesn't matter to him.
8. Playing the piano--he really is very good. Ask him to play something somtime!
9. School Band--He plays the Alto Sax. The very same one his dad played in high school.
10.Playing outside--running around, riding his bike, going to the playground, etc.
Happy 12th Birthday Tyler! Love you bud!

More Summer Fun.....Zoo!

What is that?!?
Can anyone take a good guess at what this picture is?
You're right! These are flamingos sleeping. Pretty funny huh?
Before school started, I took the kids to the Columbus Zoo. Their favorite part is feeding these green tropical birds who eat right out of your hand. Got some pretty cute pictures below. Tyler and Hailey were the only ones that would let the birds sit in them, but they had a great time anyway! Fun day....